You Don’t Need a Personal Trainer to Lose Weight!

It was in the beginning of a consultation that the prospective client said “I want toimagesCAWFHAQX lose weight” slightly looking away in embarrassment, as if this was hard for her to admit. “I totally understand that” I replied, and then inquired, “and you intend to do it with exercising?” She looked right at me and stated, “Yes, of course…everything that I read tells me that if I want to lose weight I have to exercise” I could tell that she was waiting for me to agree with her.

About 80% of all prospective clients I talk to, want to hire a personal trainer to help them lose weight. (Remember this statement)

And herein lies a huge problem and misconception.

I looked her straight in the eyes, “If you want to lose weight diet, it’s that simple!” By the look on her face I could tell she really did not believe a word I just said.

Yes exercise burns calories, and burning calories helps you lose weight. Nice and easy, but not really.

Lets take a closer look at this. Every person need a certain number of calories to support their daily activity. Every person is different, and therefore, how many calories we need depends largely on sex, weight and how man calories we burn doing what we do every day. I am going to create a imaginary person. She is female weights about 150 pounds. Her daily activity requires about 2100.

If she eats the same each day, and does the same routine each day she maintains her weight. She decides she wants to lose 10 pounds, and she is going to do with exercise. Her exercise of choice is walking about 2 mph, she is going to do that for three days a week, for about one hour each day. That exercise burns around 189 calories per hour so she is going to burn around 567 calories per week.

Here comes the chilling fact…..It takes about 3500 calories to support a pound. This means for each pound she wants to lose, she has to burn 3500 calories. We now devide 567 the number of extra calories she will burn each week with exercise. We divide that in 3500 calories, which is the amount of calories she needs to burn one pound, and we see that it will take her 6.17 weeks to lose one pound.

OK then she is going to do a more intense exercise. She is going to join a gym and work out on an elliptical trainer for one hour a day, three days per week.

She is going to try to go at a moderate clip, that will cause her to perspire quite a bit, and will probably burn about 700 calories per hour, or 2100 calories a week. Keep in mind this is a good clip, and a lot of hard work.

Once again we divide the calories burned via exercise which is 2100 into the amount of calories it takes to burn a pound 3500, and we find that it will take 1.6 weeks to burn one pound.

Are you getting the picture? Exercise on it’s own is not the way to lose weight. Exercise with the proper diet is. The same person, now decides she is going to diet, and cut back on her calories. She is going to cut out 500 calories per day from what she now eats. If we do the math we find that she will eat 3500 calories less per week, and lose about one pound per week. Remember everyone is different and this is just an example. Now she is going to exercise to help her lose more weight. Now she intends to jog for an hour three hours per week. An hour of average jogging takes about 450 calories per hour. That burns about 1350 calories per week. That will add up to almost another pound lost about every 2.5 weeks. Between diet and exercise she will lose about one pound to 1.5 pounds per week. A very healthy amount to lose every week.

Weight loss is an industry that sells billions of dollars worth of product and services every year. They want you to believe that you can lose all the weight you want, with just exercise…and you probably could, but it would take a very long time to do. The more you exercise the more money you will spend with gyms, home equipment, personal trainers and coaches, low fat foods, and what ever the current fad happens to be.

The whole point here is, if you want to hire a personal trainer to lose weight, read the above article again. If you want to hire a personal trainer to help you get healthy, stronger, and lose weight you are on the right track. There are many other goals a personal trainer can help you with in addition to the above. You can lose weight if you understand how. What are you waiting for, take the first step, cut 500 calories each day, find an exercise and start doing it, locate a good certified personal trainer and have a consult with him/her to see if they can help you put it all together for a long and healthy life style….

Aerobics Might Boost Brain Health for Older Adults

Tuesday, Nov. 12 (Health Day News) – Older adults can boost their brain health by engaging in aerobic exercise, according to a new study.

Researchers found that, in addition to improving physical fitness, activities such as running or biking can enhance memory and brain function by increasing blood flow in specific parts of the brain.

The study authors said their findings are particularly important since staying mentally sharp is a greater concern than social security or physical health among U.S. adults age d 50 and older.

“Science has shown that aging decreases mental efficiency, and memory decline is the No 1 cognitive complaint of older adults” study author Sandra Bond Chapman, chief director of the Center of Brain Health at the University of Texas, Dallas, said in a center news release. “This research shows the tremendous benefit of aerobic exercise on a personas memory and demonstrates that aerobic exercise can reduce both the biological and cognitive consequences of aging.”

The 12 week study involved sedentary adults between the ages of 57 and 75. The participants were divided randomly into two groups: an exercise group and a comparison group that did not exercise. The exercise group had supervised training sessions that involved either riding a stationary bike or working out on a treadmill for one hour three times per week. The participants’ thinking ability, brain blood flow and cardiovascular fitness were assessed when the study began, after six weeks and gain after 12 weeks.

“One key region where we saw increase in brain blood flow was the anterior cigulate”, study collaborator Sina Asian, founder and president of Advance MRI said in a news release. “The anterior cigulate has been linked to superior (mental ability) in late life.”

The study published online in the Journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, also found that those in the exercise group who showed improvements in the memory also had increased blood flow to the hippocampus, the key brain region affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Since noninvasive brain imaging techniques allowed the researchers to identify brain changes before any improvement to the participants memory, measuring brain blood flow could help doctors assess brain health and the effectiveness of treatment strategies.

:The combination of physical and mental exercise may be the best health measures to improve overall cognitive brain health“, Chapman said.  “We have just begun to test the upper boundaries of how we can enhance our brain’s performance into late life. To think we can alter and improve the basic structure of the mature brain through aerobic exercise and complex thinking should inspire us to challenge our thinking and get moving at any age.

If this does not drive you to a personal trainer, what will.  You can improve your brain function with aerobics, and greatly increase you muscle strength with resistance

Ten Reasons You Are Not Reaching Your Fitness Goals


Reason One: You don’t have a specific goal.

Without a plan you are just going through the motions.  Before you join a gym or purchase equipment for home use, you need to set a goal, a purpose for lifting weights.  You need a definitive goal, that you can reach, such as:

You want to get stronger

You want larger msucles

You want to lose fat

You want to improve your performance in a specific sport

You want to increase your VO2 Max

You want to be healthy and independent as you grow older

Or, perhaps a combination of any of the above

Now that you have a goal, you have to have a deadline.  I want to add 10 pounds of muscle and lose fat in the next six months. Then you have to  design your workout around your goal.  It has to have a planned way to success.

Reason Two: You are not trying hard enough.

A muscle that is stressed in small doses adopts by growing bigger, stronger and faster. Unless you follow a systematic training plan that includes all the elements needed to get bigger and stronger, you are just going through the motions.

Reason Three:  You are not eating enough.

If you are trying to put on muscle, you have to eat enough food to nourish the muscle and give it the ingredients it needs to grow.  If you don’t keep a record of what you eat, and how much protein you take in, you are reducing your chance for success.  As an average you need about .75 to 1.0 gram of protein to each pound of bodyweight, maybe more.

Reason Four: You are not getting enough sleep.

When you lift weights, that is the time that start the breakdown process of building muscle. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t build muscle when you lift weights.  Your body repairs and nourishes muscle when you sleep.  Everyone needs a different amount of sleep.  You should start by tiring to get at least 8 hours per night.

Reason Five: You develop your own programs.

Ok this is the commercial part.  You really need an experienced personal trainer to develop your programs to reach you desired goal.  It really gets complicated, but muscles react in different ways to different stimulus.  Knowing how to develop your program to achieve your goals is arguably the most important step. As a  personal trainer on line with over 25 years of experience I know how important the right program is.  If you need help, contact me or any other certified, qualified personal trainer.  I work in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, and Palm Beach.

Reason Six: You do way to much.

Thinking more is better is the path to overtraining.  Overtraining prevents your body from growing, by causing to much stress. The end result is you will never reach your goals, by overtraining .  The number of exercises, sets and reps.  The number of days you work out per week, and the parts of the body you work out, all have to be part of the plan to reach your goals. Without over doing this, you really need a personal trainer to help you with the design of your program. The very basics, if you are a beginner and looking to put on some muscle should be similar to this.  Work out three days per week, with 48 hours rest in between.  Use 8 to 10 mostly compound exercises for 2 to 3 sets each, from 10 to 12 reps each exercise. Starting with large muscles down to smaller one.  Legs first, bicep’s last.  This is just general advise.

Reason Seven: You are inconsistent.

For the best gains in muscle growth, you have to work your whole body consistently.  You should almost never miss a workout day. In addition, you have to work all your muscles, not just the ones you enjoy.

Reason Eight: You have not warmed up.

A good warm up increases body temperature and relaxes tissue, which leads to more flexable muscles, tendons and ligaments.  You can worm up in several ways, run on a tread mill for long enough to just break a sweat, and do a few light sets of each exercise for 12 to 15 reps, to warm up the muscles first.

Reason Nine: You skip workouts when you are sore..

Muscle soreness does not mean that the muscle has not recovered.  Now there is a difference between muscle soreness and muscle injury, you need to know the difference.  If it is just muscle soreness all you have to do is not miss your workout.  As you workout your soreness will go away. You can also doing around five bicycle sprints or running sprints, work great for relieving the pain.

Reason Ten: You blow it all on the weekend:

You eat to much. You drink to much. You play to much.  You don’t sleep enough. So..all your hard work during the week suffers. Enjoy your weekend, but like everything else in moderation.  Your body and muscles will thank you.

Personal Training Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach.

On Line Personal Training 

Training for 50 Plus. seniors, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach







Eggs are bad for you! That’s a Big, Fat Lie! You Should Know The Truth

I did not write this blog.  This is an article written by a well known personality in the health and nutrition industry.  I am pretty sure I don’t have his permssion to copy it, but here it is.  Because I think it is worth reading and you should be armed with the real facts before making discussion’s on how to improve on your diet.

The latest research on eggs- whole egg, not just  the white-shows that they do not raise cholesterol levels and can actually do good things, like help prevent diabetes and, oh, yeah, build muscle.  So where did the cholesterol myth come from?

According to the May/June 13, Well Being Journal. “The famous Farmington Heart Study, which began in 1948, attempted to examine the lipid hypotheses. It revealed that declining cholesterol levels in people over 50 were associated with increases in mortality and death from cardiovascular disease. Yet people who are proponents of the lipid hypothesis still refer to this study in an attempt to prove the link between high cholesterol and coronary heart disease.

The article goes on to say that the director of the Farmington study, Dr. William Castelli, actually found out those who ate the most cholesterol, saturated fat and calories actually weighed the least because they were the most active.

Evidence exists that links low blood cholesterol levels with increases in various cancer, strokes and other diseases. One researcher Nora Gedgaudas says, “Historically the human diet has contained significant amounts of CoA reductase, which, in effect, then overproduces cholesterol from carbohydrates in the diet. Consuming carbohydrates, while decreasing cholesterol intake, guarantees a steady overproduction of cholesterol in the body.  The only way to switch off this overproduction is to consume an adequate amount of dietary cholesterol and back off the carbs.

Food for though    Pass the eggs

As a Personal Trainer in Boca Raton, Delary Beach, Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County I have always recommended the addition of eggs to one’s diet. This is just one study, there are many, many more studies that questions the link between Heart diseases and cholesterol.


Can You Modify Fat-Cell DNA With Exercise

A study done at the University of Sweden suggests that can!  We can modify our own Fat DNA???  How do we do that? Well cells in the body…. including our very own fat cells  contain DNA, which is where our genetic information is stored.  A small group of 23 sedentary men were followed for 6 months, who were asked to exercise 3 times per week without changing their diet or normal daily activities.  As expected, the men only exercised an average of 1.8 times per week. However, it was still enough for the researchers to see changes in their DNA

The methL groups (molecules that are within the genes) help determine which genes are activated or deactivated. They found that these activations/deactivations were changed in the fat cells when these men exercised. Researchers also found positive changes in genes traditionally linked to Type 2 diabetes.

This could explain why exercise is so beneficial to certain risk factor, and that yes, we can make positive changes to our health through exercise.  Personal Trainer Marty from Boynton Beach, also personal trainer serving Boca Raton and Delray Beach can show you the best way to lose weight, gain muscle and help re program you DNA to make losing weight just a little bit easier.

This holds true for Female Strength Training as well as for men.   Proper instruction guarantees a better result from you efforts in the gym.

Marie Ellis. “Exercise can have an effect at DNA level against fat cells.” Medical News Today. Medilexicon, intl. 8 jul. 2013.



Genetics and the Power of Exercise


In my years of Personal Training, I have trained with, many people who no matter what they did, eat anything they wanted, almost or never worked out, spent lots of time watching TV…. and somehow still  have bodies that look amazing.

As a personal trainer, that kind of life goes against what I know to be true, and that is…  exercise is the key to a very healthy lifestyle. So my hat is off to the above type of person who can abuse their body, and still look great and feel healthy.

And then there are the rest of us not so lucky people.

Those of us who work out hard, always watching what we eat and making what we hope to be healthy choices,  because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t want to look at ourselves in a mirror.   We know what would happen to us, if we just started eating anything we wanted, and stopped exercising.  We see people all around us, who in our opinion look 10, 20 years older than they are, always tired and just not fit.

Hold on now….  I have wonderful news for everyone, yes everyone who exercises.

Exercise has the power to change how your body’s DNA works.

Yes. Your genetic action

Researchers from Lund University in Sweden took 23 men who were a little overweight and who did not exercise and they looked at their DNA.  The researchers then put the 23 men on a six month workout routine that consisted primarily of cardio exercise.

The results of this study was published in PLOS Genetics were pretty impressive.

Of the approximately 20,000 genes in the human body, changes were observed in the participants is approximately 7,000 genes.

Specifically, the researches looked at how exercise changed the genetic communication and actions on body fat, even on changes in the genes that affect obesity and diabetes.

The implications of this study is really huge, and one more reason to the list of hundreds of reasons whey everyone, young and old, should seek out a Personal Trainer to help them start a program that they will do and can live with for the long haul.

As a personal trainer in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach, if you want to get into shape, lose weight,  gain muscle and tone up you need to start with a supervised program that will insure your success forever.

Here’s to a Healthy life style.






Facing The Truth About Our Health


How is your health? It’s a broad question but one that most people never answer honestly.  You’re sure you are fine.  You were a little out of breath climbing a flight of stairs the other day.  Hey. It’s probably nothing.  You had chest pains last night after you late-night snack.  It’s probably nothing.  You woke up with some aches and pains this morning.   It’s probably nothing.  This is the anthem of our society. 

The harsh truth is that it’s definitely something…..and it’s probably something you shouldn’t be ignoring.  Hey, your dying, but don’t worry everyone is.  You just might be leaving sooner than you planed on.  Fret not.  It’s probably nothing, right?

Wrong.  These days, most Americans ae  their health in epic proportions.  According to recent studies at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD  64% of Americans are currently overweight and more than 30% are obese.  If that’s not enough of an eye opener, 75% of the American population is expected to be overweight by 2015.  That’s just the extra pounds and swelling waistlines.  Maybe we should ask how is your health now?

The fact that you are reading a fitness blog, means that you are looking for answers.  you’ve looked at nutrition labels, asked you doctor questions and made plans with your wife, children and all those around you.  You’re making waves, but the reason you’re not seeing anything change around you is just that:

You are just concerned with what’s around you.  In truth you probably only have the urge to get in shape because of your surrounding.   Its cool to be health-conscious these days.

Personally, as a “Personal Trainer”   I’m pretty upset to be cast as part of a fad rather that part of a real lasting solution to an ever present problem.  Sometimes I think that making health and fitness a trend….something that the cool kids make followers do because they consider it important… has some benefits.   But I know that thinking along these lines is just a means of fooling ourselves.  I have debated this topic with others before, and man people fail to see why I’m against accepting the Hollywood-ization of health and fitness. If you are approaching your health with anything other than true, unrehearsed and personal motives, you are not seeking health:  your seeking to fit in.  And while associating yourself with something of comfort is nice, it’s much to trival to use your health as a catalyst.

Losing weight, getting healthy and building muscle are all things that happen from within.  You need to find your true motivation, your true passion to be your best, your true fear of dying before your time and make your move today.  Stop saying, “It’s probably nothing” and start making some-thing good happen.  If you find that you can’ do it alone, one great first step is to hire a personal trainer.

I am sure you can find a personal trainer in Boca Raton, or a personal trainer in Delray Beach,  and a personal trainer in Delray beach. Where ever you happen to live you can find a personal trainer near you.

Here is to your health….protect it….it’s the best investment in yourself you can make….

The Best Way To Lose Weight Is Pretty Simple

wwwI’m not talking about a couple of pounds either, I’m talking about 10 pounds or more of extra fat that you’d like to see disappear. As a personal trainer in Delray Beach, and also personal training in Boynton beach, I can show you the way.

Most people psyche themselves out before they ever start losing the weight.  It’s as if the enormity of their goal simply puts them into shut down mode, and they give up on the idea entirely.

Has this ever happened to you?  You try out a diet or exercise plan for a week or so, and then you get frustrated when your body looks the same as before.  So you just plain give up.

Weight loss isn’t a speedy thing. It takes time to gain weight, many people put on weight for years and then expect to lose it in a few weeks or months.  It just does not work that way.

So instead of pressuring yourself into losing 50 pounds in two months, how about sticking with a realistic, proven way for long term weight loss:  small changes to your lifestyle over time will make the difference.

In practical terms, make it your goal to drop one pound per week.

Now this may not seem like that much  but if you did this consistently for one year it would result in 50 pounds lost, and that’s more than most people can do.  All it takes are small  changes in your daily lifestyle. Let’s take a look…..

How to shed one pound per week?   Lose 3500 calories per week!


It’s really that simple. Here are the tree steps to getting it done.

1) Record Your Normal Weekly Exercise.  Look at everything from walking to participating in sports to exercising with weights in the gym.  This is your starting point. You need to burn by exercise more calories than you do now, and you have to know the difference.

2) Record Your Normal Weekly Food Intake.  This may be hard to do honestly, but remember that you are only cheating yourself by not recording everything. Calculate the total number of calories that you eat in an average day.

3) Chart The Difference:  Now that you know your starting point for both calories exertion and calorie intake it is time to turn the tables in your favor. Take every opportunity to exert more calories by increasing your physical activity, and to decrease your calorie consumption by eating fewer calories and by making healthier selections.  Record your progress  in a notebook, (people who keep a log do better than those who do not)  and refer back to it often. You will be surprised how encouraging it is to see your progress written down on paper.

Ok here is the best part Lets say you eat 1900 calories per day.  All you have to do is eat 500 calories less per day. So you would not we eating 1400 hundred calories a day.  That alone adds up to 3500 calories per week which also means you will lose about one pound per week.   Now in addition,  try to increase your physical activity, to burn another 500 calories or maybe even 250 calories per day, more than you used, and you will lose another ½ pound to a pound per week.  If you do this you will lose weight.

Again if you burn 250 extra calories per day, and  you eat 500 less calories per day you will lose 1.5 pounds per week, and that is a very healthy weight loss goal

Weight loss does not have to be allusive.  Make small changes each and every day towards a healthier, fitter you.  As a personal trainer in Boca Raton I can help you accomplish this goal.


Get Strong. Lift Weights. Live Longer. New Study Proves It

Athletic man and woman with a dumbells.  Maintain strength if you want to live longer and prevent life-threatening diseases.  A landmark study published in the British Medical Journal by Dr Steven Blair from the University of South Carolina and colleagues fount that good muscle strength was linked to a lower death rate from heart disease, cancer and all causes in both young and older men.  This 18 year old study confirmed the results of other research showing that strong muscles increased longevity. (and yes this goes for you woman out their also)  Stronger men can process carbohydrates, fats and proteins more efficiently: regulate blood flow better and have higher levels of muscle growth factors, such as testosterone, a growth hormone and IGF-1 Enhanced metabolic health boots vigor, vitality and sexual performance. Again physical inactivity, obesity and poor diet trigger physical deterioration that eventually lead to degenerative diseases and death.  While death comes to us all….strong muscles increase longevity and improve the quality of life.  Men and Woman strength Training is the way to improve your overall health.

Weight training for men and woman may be the most important kind of exercise for adults because it increases strength and muscle mass.  People can lose 20% of their muscle mass between age 40 and 60. By age 70 most can’t life 10 pounds overhead.  The association between increased strength and longevity is complicated and controversial, increasing strength enhances metabolic health, lean mass, the growth of younger cell components, reflects higher levels of anabolic hormones and enhances mobility.  Each factor is strongly linked to a reduced risk of disease and increased longevity.

We all lose muscle mass, and function as we age.  Weight training improves is blood sugar regulation by increasing insulin sensitivity.  Insulin moves glucose (sugar) from the blood into the cells, and promotes glycogen formation (stored carbohydrates) protein synthesis and fat storage.  Poor blood glucose regulation is linked to metabolic syndrome, a group of problems that include high blood pressure, abdominal fat storage, abnormal blood fats, inflammation, type 2 diabetes and blood-clotting abnormalities.

Obesity increases the risk of premature death from heart disease, cancer and all causes.  Muscle mass is the most important factor in determining the rate the body burns calories.  Weight training increases lean mass and makes it easier to lose weight and maintain lost weight.  During weight loss training helps to maintain lean mass and prevent decreases in metabolic rate.

Aging causes loss of functional motor units (nerve and muscle cells) abnormal mitochondria (cell energy centers) nerve cell death and DNA destruction. Gradually muscle cells lose the ability to repair damage, which causes further deterioration in muscle function. Weight training for men and woman, can partially restore lost muscle function in adults and can make the cells functionally younger.

Muscle tissue loss (sarcopenia) reduces joint stability, increases the risk of dangerous falls and decreases the quality of life.  Poor strength decreases mobility which leads to further reconditioning.  Increasing strength promotes the capacity to exercise, which reduces the risk of degenerative diseases and premature death.

Many more than 10 independent and separate studies showed a strong link between muscle strength and longevity.  I am a personal trainer in Boca Raton,

I also act as a personal trainer in Delray Beach, and as a personal trainer in Boynton Beach.

If you need Personal Training in Palm Beach please contact me.

Getting Older Dosen’t Have To Be Like This…….!!!!!

images OMG!   They really can’t walk…….  I don’t know where you live, but I am a personal trainer in Boynton Beach.    As it happens I had just finished a personal training session in  Delray Beach.  I was parked in a shopping center with nothing to do for about an hour, so I decided to sit in my car and people watch.  The first thing I noticed was most of the people were seniors.  At first  glance most of them looked to be over 80, but maybe not….maybe younger…..     I watched about 50 different people, get out of their cars, and walk to one shop or another.  Let me tell you what conclusions I drew.

Around 85% could not get out of their cars without going through a number of interesting moves, first swing both legs out of the car.  Second grab on to the roof or the side of the seat and try and stand up. Some managed this procedure pretty fast…other not so much   It took them some time to get out of the car.  Once out of the car, the un lucky ones grabbed on to the car for balance…..The lucky ones started to walk in the direction of the stores.

Started to walk  wait a minute.       Walk !!!    If you call what they did walking…….this is what I saw.  Some had about a 8 inch gate.  The means when they put one foot forward, it went forward less that a foot.  So they walked one tiny step at a time.  The others sort of walked, side to side, almost like a duck.

They were the lucky ones, they could still walk….. A large amount of other seniors used either a cane or a wheel chair.

I’m no youngster, but I could run around that entire shopping center, why couldn’t they do the same. What happened to them?  Some I am sure suffered strokes, and maybe other causes that caused them to move the way they did.  The others….the problem is growing old, and allowing it to happen.  It doesn’t have to, we allow growing old to make us old.

Every decade after 40 we lose 3% and more of our muscle.  When we start losing muscle, we burn less calories.    So we get weaker and weaker and burn less and less calories each year,  if we eat the same but burn less calories we gain weight.  Medically it’s called Scarpena.    It’s simple.

As we get older we get weaker and if we eat the same amount of food, we get fatter.  So fat and so weak we can’t even get hour of our own cars, without a lot of effort.

  1. It’s also simple that this doesn’t have to be you… If you want to feel like you did when you were fifty, at age 70 or 80 you have to exercise.  Senior Fitness starts with you.  You can benefit from Strength Training at any age.  Consider the following research-based benefits associated with a strength training program.
  2. You can stop the loss of 5 to 7 pounds per decade of muscle loss, typically experienced by adults over the age of 50. In fact research shows that adults average a 3 pound increase in muscle tissue after just 10 weeks of sensible strength training
  3. Strength training will help you avoid the 3 to 5 percent per decade reduction in resting metabolic rate that adults over the age of 50 typically experience. In fact research demonstrates a 7 percent increase in resting metabolism after just three months of sensible strength training.
  4. Strength training will help you lose fat weight even in the absence of dietary restriction. Research indicates approximately 4 pounds of fat loss from strength exercise alone after just 10 weeks of training twice as much fat when combined with minor dietary adjustments.
  5. Strength training as been shown to significantly increase bone mineral density, thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
  6. Strength training has been shown to significantly increase glucose uptake, thereby reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  7. Strength training has been shown to significantly increase gastrointestinal transit speed, thereby reducing the risk of colon cancer.
  8. Strength training has been shown to significantly reduce resting blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  9. Strength training has been shown to significantly improve blood lipid profiles, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  10. Strength training has been shown to significantly increase full-range lower back strength, thereby reducing the risk of low back pain.
  11. Strength training has shown to significantly increase musculoskeletal function and concurrently ease the pain of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

If you add Cardiovascular training, and calorie restriction (if needed) the benefits increase and increase.  Yes…’s 80 can be yesterday’s 50……..